What to Expect

Your Initial visit lasting 1 hour includes:

  • Medical intake, detailing your chief concerns, family history, past medical history
  • Medication and supplement review- please bring these including current dosages on your first visit.
  • Physical exam
  • Individualized treatment plan- which could include, labs, referrals, diet/exercise recommendations and supportive supplementation if necessary.

Second visit:

  • If we decide that homeopathy is the appropriate treatment for you.  Dr. Marier will take your homeopathic case.  This visit may last 1.5-2.5 hours depending on the complexity of your case.
  • Most of the time, your homeopathic remedy will be prescribed at the end of this visit.
  • If a therapy other than homeopathy is more appropriate for you, then you will begin on that therapy.

Follow up visits:

  • Usually last 30 minutes to an hour and occur 3-4 weeks after you start the treatment.
  • In acute conditions, the first follow-up will be the next day, many times by phone.  In severe cases we may follow up within a few hours.
  • As you improve, you will need to follow-up less and less until treatment is no longer indicated.